Give the gift of travel: Gift Certificates

Give the gift of travel: Gift Certificates

This is a great half-day excursion. Be sure to plan a picnic lunch to take and enjoy at the crest of the pass beside the stream. The road is a compact dirt surface which can get “washboard”-y in places.

There is usually wildlife on this drive. Some guests enjoy this trip in the late afternoon when the deer are grazing. Turn right 2 miles north of Ridgeway onto County Rd. 10 when you see the highway sign reading Owl Creek Pass and Silver Jack Reservoir. The road crosses several large ranches with forks in the road. Continue to follow the signs saying Owl Creek Pass.

After entering the national forest area, you will drive past Chimney Peak off to the right. You might also recognize other sights from the movie, “True Grit”, which was filmed in this area. As you approach the pass, watch for a beautiful meadow on your left surrounded by aspen trees. This is the location where John Wayne and the “bad guys”  rode their horses directly towards each other, firing their guns at the end of the movie.

From the pass, you can continue on to the Silver Jack Reservoir where they have some good lake fishing. Be sure to follow the signs taking the left fork immediately beyond the pass.

Round Trip Time: You can easily spend a half-day in this area if you go all the way up to the reservoir. If you drive to the pass and back, without much stop time. I would take approximately 2 hours.